Tips for Proper Car Maintenance

Every vehicle found on the drum must be fully technically correct for both you and your safety. Therefore, it is essential that you regularly maintain your car and make sure everything is in the vehicle properly. Being a car owner does not just mean you have a traffic permit and a key. In addition to having the privilege of driving a vehicle, you must know that it is essential and you maintain it to help you better serve the road.

Which of the parts to control and change

What you need to pay close attention to is the tires, as they are the only connection between the car and the caravan. As stated by law and regulations, fly using tire and winter tires. Observe the tire wear and depth of the tire regularly. Except that good tires help you when braking, know that you also have a lot of fuel consumption. Namely, improper tires can cause your car to consume more fuel than usual.

Know that the condition of your vehicle’s engine is also important. Always check the status of the petrol station regularly with petrol engines, as if they are “close-up”, it may happen that your car is “out” and does not ignite, and also affects fuel consumption. It is also important to regularly change the filters. For vehicles using TNG, the air filter should be changed more frequently, while the oil filter should be changed at each oil change. Also, check the brake fluid regularly, as well as the condition of the brakes itself.

If you want the brakes to last as long as possible, try to break the engine whenever you are able to do so by moving the manual gearbox to a lower gear ratio. Make sure at least twice a month the coolant level and the oil level of the engine are kept in the way to avoid the disturbance on the road. If you have been told that your engine consumes oil or that you have an antifreeze somewhat “curry”, check it more often.

Also check if all the signaling devices on the vehicle are working, from the stop lights, from the headlights to the direction indicator. If you have been warned that some of the bulbs are not working, you should immediately replace it, otherwise, you and your other participants will be compromised. Also, make sure you regularly change the wiper blades. Old tubs do not wipe out a cool self-primer that can give you a lot of trouble if heavy rains fall, especially if you’re out on the open road.

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