Make sure your car is right and prepare for a technical inspection

Although most of us spend hours in the car from home to work, to shops, schools, cottages, etc., only a few pay special attention to the technical accuracy of the vehicle. They only start thinking about it when you notice a bigger problem or when they are preparing to go to a technical inspection. And just technical vehicle reliability is a key factor for road safety, and every driver should know to check it out. What you should do first is to inspect the exterior of the car visually – to check that parts such as rearview mirrors, registration plates, wipers, and headlights are securely fastened so they will not fall off while driving and cause interference with other traffic participants. It is also good to check the mudguards and vehicle thresholds as these parts first show signs of rust on the vehicle due to exposure to external influences.

What to pay attention to

Particularly important on the vehicle tire, which is actually the only contact that the vehicle has with the surface. They are an important factor in accelerating, braking and turning, so their malfunction can lead to fatal consequences. The first thing to pay attention to is the tire pressure that should match the manufacturer’s values for different loads so as not to result in their increased wear and tear. Pressure should also check the depth of the tread, damage or protrusion, and the use of M + S tires is mandatory during the winter months. Along with the tire review, attention should also be paid to the rims that must not be distorted and must be securely fastened with all screws. It is very important that the car be those tires that the manufacturer prescribed or those that were subsequently approved.

It is necessary to check the operation of the wiper and washer of all visible surfaces. The sensing can be checked by the pedal of the working and parking / auxiliary brake lever. The pedal should not be dropped and the handbrake lever should activate braking after the first few teeth. When checking the pedal, it is good to review the condition of the anti-slip lining. Switches or levers should be activated for all side glazing so that we can check the operation of their opening mechanism. Glass must be smooth and smooth. The sound produced by the trump should be strong enough to hear the other drivers on the road.

The observed malfunctions during the technical inspection, other than direct dangers, can cause trouble like traffic jams, which increases stress and reduces the concentration of other traffic participants.

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