Mini Neon Light Bars (Pair) 3″ Kit by Streetglow

You love your vehicle, you compete in car shows, or you’re simply looking for a unique look.  StreetGlow products guarantee championship performance and signature expressions that let you be you. These tubes give you the size and color range you need to hook up your ride, whether you’re highlighting your A/C vents, dashboard, glove box, under seats, front grills, audio system or anywhere imaginable.

If you want your car to outflow from the rest, this is the right thing for you. You can very easily have a unique car. Just choose the color and look. With this installation your car will be a real sensation wherever you go. You thought that this is only possible on movies, make sure that it can actually happen to you and be you who will surprise everyone who sees your car.

Please note that the photo above is from a customer using several sets of these lights.

You can also make your neons dance with the music with a music interface.

Available in 7 exotic colors, with a no-hassle Lifetime Warranty

Your Mini Neons Include:

” Two Tubes Per Kit

” 3′ Power Cord

” Power Transformer that plugs into the cigarette lighter, which can be cut off to hard wire the lights if desired

” Installation/Operating Instructions

” Lifetime Warranty

” Add the Music Interface and Instantly Save $5.00 off the Regular price!

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