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We received the neon light today. Thank you for all your help.

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Product Reviews
I want to tell everyone that this is the best bulbs money can buy!!!! I have these on both my vehicles and would never go back to what I had before!!!!
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Home > Underbody Lights > NEON UnderGlow > Autoglow Neon Undercar Light Kit
Autoglow Neon Undercar Light Kit
Autoglow Neon Undercar Light Kit 
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Availability: Usually ships the same business day.
Price: $74.97
Wheel Kit::    


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Autoglow Neon Undercar Light Kit

Leave a lasting impression with the under glow of your Autoglow undercar neon lights. This kit gives you a nice even glow under your car or auto for a remarkable price.

Your Neon Undercar Light Kit is perfect for the do it yourselfer and hobbyist. Quick installation and consumer friendly pricing make this a winner for any auto neon enthusiast.

Available in 8 different colors.

Your Neon Kit Includes:

" Two 48" Side Tubes
" Two 36" Front & Rear Tubes
" Toggle Switch
" Mounting Hardware.
" Complete Installation Instructions.
" Add the Music Interface and Instantly Save $5.00 off the Regular Price!
" Add the Flexible Wheel Well Kit and Instantly Save $10.00 off the Regular price!
This kit does not include a warranty. If you are interested in a kit with a lifetime warranty, please check out our Streetglow undercar kits, which do include a lifetime warranty. Please inspect this item within 48 hours of receiving it to ensure there is no breakage or shipping damage to it and the kit is fully operational.
We cannot make any claims after 48 hours of receipt.

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Customer Reviews

Awesome Kit
Reviewer: Cody Meuse ()
Nice Kit! Well packed to, I recommend it to anyone. Real Bright. Great Deal!

Reviewer: Dennis Taylor ()
Great Kit for golf carts and only have to use the 36 inchers.

Reviewer: Jordan Anderson ()
Kickass Kit, I recommend it to anyone.

Reviewer: Tony B ()
Damn nice kit, fast delivery as well.

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