LED UnderGlow

Tired of breaking your neon tubes? Are you looking for a longer lasting, brighter underbody lighting solution? LED underglow lighting kits give you the benefits that you demand. What are LED underbody lighting kits? They offer you an innovative way to light up the night and make your ride a spectacular light show. LED lighting kits mount under the body of your vehicle and can be found in any number of configurations. Mount on in the front, on each side and in the rear. Change up and mount two different colored lights around your vehicle. Combine them with LED wheel lights for an even more dramatic look; the options are almost endless.

The advantages of the LED are:

  1. saving energy and protecting the environment
  2. Low price, long lifetime: The LED Universal LED lamp can use up to 30,000 hours or more, which means your car is not moving, the light is still on, and the halogen bulbs are only 500 hours
  3. High lightning: The light is much larger than the halogen, used as the front light, brake light and warning light without pressure.
  4. low-level security: The LEDs can only be about 20V of light, no longer worry about the xenon lamp of 25000v.
  5. That is, the place is light: with the point used, which is the same with a halogen bulb.
  6. Lights: Even though the halogen lamp has 55w power, but with a maximum output of 1200 lumens, the LED lamp has only 25w power, but its output lumen is up to 5500.

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