Tips for Proper Car Maintenance

Every vehicle found on the drum must be fully technically correct for both you and your safety. Therefore, it is essential that you regularly maintain your car and make sure everything is in the vehicle properly. Being a car owner does not just mean you have a traffic permit and a key. In addition to having the privilege of driving a vehicle, you must know that it is essential and you maintain it to help you better serve the road.

Which of the parts to control and change

What you need to pay close attention to is the tires, as they are the only connection between the car and the caravan. As stated by law and regulations, fly using tire and winter tires. Observe the tire wear and depth of the tire regularly. Except that good tires help you when braking, know that you also have a lot of fuel consumption. Namely, improper tires can cause your car to consume more fuel than usual.

Know that the condition of your vehicle’s engine is also important. Always check the status of the petrol station regularly with petrol engines, as if they are “close-up”, it may happen that your car is “out” and does not ignite, and also affects fuel consumption. It is also important to regularly change the filters. For vehicles using TNG, the air filter should be changed more frequently, while the oil filter should be changed at each oil change. Also, check the brake fluid regularly, as well as the condition of the brakes itself.

If you want the brakes to last as long as possible, try to break the engine whenever you are able to do so by moving the manual gearbox to a lower gear ratio. Make sure at least twice a month the coolant level and the oil level of the engine are kept in the way to avoid the disturbance on the road. If you have been told that your engine consumes oil or that you have an antifreeze somewhat “curry”, check it more often.

Also check if all the signaling devices on the vehicle are working, from the stop lights, from the headlights to the direction indicator. If you have been warned that some of the bulbs are not working, you should immediately replace it, otherwise, you and your other participants will be compromised. Also, make sure you regularly change the wiper blades. Old tubs do not wipe out a cool self-primer that can give you a lot of trouble if heavy rains fall, especially if you’re out on the open road.

Kinds of headlights

The main task of the headlights is to make you feel the way but also to make sure that other vehicles are on the way. The goal of each headlamp manufacturer is to provide the best relationship between clear road lighting and less power consumption. Today we have three basic types of headlights: halogen bulbs, xenon headlights and LED lights.

Halogen lamps are characterized by long durability and are used for long and short light, as well as for light fog. They have a tungsten core, just like classic bulbs, but what’s different is that their interior is filled with inert gas and halogen, for which the above ice reaches a higher temperature and thus produces stronger light. Their longevity owes to the fact that the waste tungsten returns again thanks to the chemical processes that take place within the seeds.

After halogen halves, xenon headlights are the second most popular type of automotive accessory. Within the plant is a complex process involving tungsten electrodes forming an electric arc in a hermetically sealed quartz cylinder filled with special gas. The plasma that is formed in the cylinder greatly increases the light intensity. The main flaw of these headlights is that they require a large amount of energy for their engagement but after that, they spend less electricity than ordinary halogen halves.

LED lights are the most modern lightbulb of times when the cars are concerned – shop for f150 headlights here. The advantage over the other two mentioned types is a long lifespan and low power consumption, but they are therefore the most expensive because a large number of LEDs are in one light. Within these diodes, light is produced in semiconductors due to the movement of electrons.

Correct headlights

Driving safety is crucially influenced by visibility. In order for the driver to be visible to others and to be able to respond in a timely manner to the road conditions, all signaling devices and glazed surfaces must be fully in the correct state. The light signaling is easiest to view with the help of another person.

The operation is performed by lighting the lamp in the order of no flashing of the previously lit (short/long, magenta, all direction indicators, brakes and reverse light). In addition to checking the operation of the light, attention should be paid to intensity. Swollen legs and eyebrows, reflective surfaces damage reduce light efficiency, and thus visibility. The lights must be lit constantly and with equal intensity, and flickering may indicate electrical installation problems.

Make sure your car is right and prepare for a technical inspection

Although most of us spend hours in the car from home to work, to shops, schools, cottages, etc., only a few pay special attention to the technical accuracy of the vehicle. They only start thinking about it when you notice a bigger problem or when they are preparing to go to a technical inspection. And just technical vehicle reliability is a key factor for road safety, and every driver should know to check it out. What you should do first is to inspect the exterior of the car visually – to check that parts such as rearview mirrors, registration plates, wipers, and headlights are securely fastened so they will not fall off while driving and cause interference with other traffic participants. It is also good to check the mudguards and vehicle thresholds as these parts first show signs of rust on the vehicle due to exposure to external influences.

What to pay attention to

Particularly important on the vehicle tire, which is actually the only contact that the vehicle has with the surface. They are an important factor in accelerating, braking and turning, so their malfunction can lead to fatal consequences. The first thing to pay attention to is the tire pressure that should match the manufacturer’s values for different loads so as not to result in their increased wear and tear. Pressure should also check the depth of the tread, damage or protrusion, and the use of M + S tires is mandatory during the winter months. Along with the tire review, attention should also be paid to the rims that must not be distorted and must be securely fastened with all screws. It is very important that the car be those tires that the manufacturer prescribed or those that were subsequently approved.

It is necessary to check the operation of the wiper and washer of all visible surfaces. The sensing can be checked by the pedal of the working and parking / auxiliary brake lever. The pedal should not be dropped and the handbrake lever should activate braking after the first few teeth. When checking the pedal, it is good to review the condition of the anti-slip lining. Switches or levers should be activated for all side glazing so that we can check the operation of their opening mechanism. Glass must be smooth and smooth. The sound produced by the trump should be strong enough to hear the other drivers on the road.

The observed malfunctions during the technical inspection, other than direct dangers, can cause trouble like traffic jams, which increases stress and reduces the concentration of other traffic participants.

NEON UnderGlow

Are you looking for a way to let your car make a dramatic statement? Looking for a way to make your ride stand out on the street? Neon underglow lights can give you the look that you want, easily. What are neon underbody lights? Simply put, these are neon light tubes that mount under your vehicle and provide an amazing light show on the road. There are any number of colors from which to choose, from yellow to blue, red, green and more. Each offers your ride a great look and an amazing way to stand out in any crowd.

Why Install Neon Light? The answer to this question can only be given to those who are crazy about the car. There are many people who are actually hobbies to tuning their cars. The base tuning is the first engine and the tire, and then the exterior looks. There is no person who did not introduce underglow neons into his tuning. That’s something, the bones of the same color and the car’s sound. This is something that puzzles the imagination of others so that the car can only get worse if it looks like it looks out. Although you have no other light, underglow neons light enough to attract attention to your car. This is something that is considered as the base of tuning cars.

Mini Neon Light Bars (Pair) 3″ Kit by Streetglow

You love your vehicle, you compete in car shows, or you’re simply looking for a unique look.  StreetGlow products guarantee championship performance and signature expressions that let you be you. These tubes give you the size and color range you need to hook up your ride, whether you’re highlighting your A/C vents, dashboard, glove box, under seats, front grills, audio system or anywhere imaginable.

If you want your car to outflow from the rest, this is the right thing for you. You can very easily have a unique car. Just choose the color and look. With this installation your car will be a real sensation wherever you go. You thought that this is only possible on movies, make sure that it can actually happen to you and be you who will surprise everyone who sees your car.

Please note that the photo above is from a customer using several sets of these lights.

You can also make your neons dance with the music with a music interface.

Available in 7 exotic colors, with a no-hassle Lifetime Warranty

Your Mini Neons Include:

” Two Tubes Per Kit

” 3′ Power Cord

” Power Transformer that plugs into the cigarette lighter, which can be cut off to hard wire the lights if desired

” Installation/Operating Instructions

” Lifetime Warranty

” Add the Music Interface and Instantly Save $5.00 off the Regular price!

NEON Interior Lighting

Looking for a way to add color and vibrancy to the interior of your ride? Neon interior lighting offers you a great way to do just that. Available in a wide array of hot colors, these neon lights let you accent your interior, the power of your audio system or simply add a custom touch to your ride. Whether you’re cruising the street or hanging at the strip, you’ll get the attention your ride deserves.

Every car which has the neon lights, has a sound system. In order not to leave this part, adjust your neon-colored sound system in your car. It’s stupid that this part is not colored as well as your car. So if there is no music there is no light. Install the audio system and install the light, much to look more extreme. Not only will your car be in the spotlight but you as the owner.

Not only your audio system can be colored. Small details such as the door can be flooded with full glitter. Your car has a sailboat and light in different colors. The interior light is as important as the exterior of the car. The advantage of these neon lights is that they spend very little, so you do not have to worry that you will have to frequently go to the battery.

LED UnderGlow

Tired of breaking your neon tubes? Are you looking for a longer lasting, brighter underbody lighting solution? LED underglow lighting kits give you the benefits that you demand. What are LED underbody lighting kits? They offer you an innovative way to light up the night and make your ride a spectacular light show. LED lighting kits mount under the body of your vehicle and can be found in any number of configurations. Mount on in the front, on each side and in the rear. Change up and mount two different colored lights around your vehicle. Combine them with LED wheel lights for an even more dramatic look; the options are almost endless.

The advantages of the LED are:

  1. saving energy and protecting the environment
  2. Low price, long lifetime: The LED Universal LED lamp can use up to 30,000 hours or more, which means your car is not moving, the light is still on, and the halogen bulbs are only 500 hours
  3. High lightning: The light is much larger than the halogen, used as the front light, brake light and warning light without pressure.
  4. low-level security: The LEDs can only be about 20V of light, no longer worry about the xenon lamp of 25000v.
  5. That is, the place is light: with the point used, which is the same with a halogen bulb.
  6. Lights: Even though the halogen lamp has 55w power, but with a maximum output of 1200 lumens, the LED lamp has only 25w power, but its output lumen is up to 5500.