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We have finally had a success. The light made it here in perfect condition.

I want to thank you for your professional way of handling your business. Some owner would not have done what you did.

I will be referring all of my racing buddies to you, and i will make sure to let them know that you stand behind your product.

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Nice Kit! Well packed to, I recommend it to anyone. Real Bright. Great Deal!
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Car Light FAQ
Urban Neon Car Lights Common Questions

How do the undercar lights hook up?
Are these automotive lights legal?
What is the difference between LED and Neon Lights?
What is the best undercarriage kit and why?
What is the best fluorescent neon kit and why?
What is the best LED Undercar Kit and why?
Can the multicolor lights be set on one color?
What color would you recommend for my car?
Will these underbody kits fit my car or truck?
How hard are the underglow or car accessory lights to install, and could I do this myself?
Do you offer express shipping, and how much?

How do these lights hook up?

All of our lighting products are powered by the 12 volt standard 2 wire hook up. Which is basically your car battery, or if you have knowledge of automotive wiring you can tie into any 12 volt power source in your vehicle. Some of our products have an inline fuse included with the kit to protect your lighting against power surges from your car battery (This is applicable if you connect your lighting direct to your car or truck battery).

Are these underglow lights legal?

The legality of the different accessory or undercar lights does vary between different states, provinces, and in some cases the specific municipality. In some it could be the specific color, location on your vehicle or types of flashing. Your best bet is to contact your local police department and ask them what is and isn't allowed on your vehicle while driving on the roadway. This way you will avoid any surprises from your local authorities.

What is the difference between LED and Neon Lights?

This can really come down to each persons individual preferences and the type of visual effect your trying to setup.

Generally with neon car lights you can only turn them on and off without any of the other visual effects. Now we do have a music interface available that you can hookup to your neons that do give you the ability to have the neons strobe with the music and such. But this is an extra module and generally isn't included with neon lighting kits.

In comparison with the LED car lights you get more dazzling effects. You can make the lights fade, chase, strobe, have multicolors, etc. All which you generally cannot due with the neon kits.

Also the neon tubes are very bright but are more fragile than their LED counterparts. The LED tubes are more durable and are harder to damage then the neons. Of course either way you have to watch out for speed bumps.

Both your neon and LED lights will last years if they are taken care of. But LED's do have a much larger lamp life than neons and draw approximately 1/3 to 1/2 the amount of power compared to the neon lights.

The last thing is that the LED underbody kits used to be dimmer, and produce a kind of dot effect compared to the neons. But now the LED kits are just as bright as the neons. This has been accomplished by adding alot more LED's into the tubes.

What is the best underbody kit and why?

Like mentioned above this does vary by your personal preference for the visual effect your seeking, and whether or not you want a neon or LED kit. Also as a side note all the neon car kits we have the same level of brightness.

What is the best neon kit and why?

If your looking for a neon kit and money isn't a concern. Then the top of the line neon undercarriage lights is the Streetglow Gold Series Kit. And you can add a music module to this kit to make it strobe with the music.

If your a little tight on funds but you still want a well known brand name, then I'd suggest you go with a Streetglow BLueline Series Kit. The difference between this one and the gold series kit is with the gold series kit the tubes are wired in series and powered with a transformer. As opposed to the blueline kit which has built in transformer for each tube.

Now if you want a high quality neon kit for under $100.00 and still receive free shipping, I'd suggest you go with the Autoglow Neon Light Kit.

What is the best LED Under Car kit and why?

If you want an LED Underbody kit, do you wish to have just a single color or the availablity of multicolors? Keep in mind the nice thing about the multi color LED kits is that you can set it on one color at a time.

For the best multicolor LED underbody kit on the market right now and money is no object then you wanna go with the Street Glow Multicolor Underglow Kit. This kit is as bright as their neon counterparts, and has 360 LED's. There is also a matching Multi-Color Wheel Well kit available. As a side note this kit will have a remote available in the next month or two.

If your looking for a single color led underbody kit then the best one is the LED Underbody Kit.

You can also get a matching Flexible Color Wheel Well Light Kit.

Can the multicolor kits be set on one color?

Yes you can set any of the multicolor kits on one color at a time.

What color would you recommend?

This always does vary with your personal preference but a good guide is that most people try to go with the same color as their vehicle. Of course in the case where your car is black, most go wtih a blue or green. Just make sure you double check with your local police dept. in regards to the legalities of your lights. I'd hate for you have a surprise from the authorities.

Will these underbody kits fit my car or truck?

Yes all of the under carriage kits are universal in design. They include 2 shorter tubes (generally around 3 ft in length) for the front and back of your vehicle, and 2 longer tubes (generally around 4 ft. in length) for both sides of your automobile. There is also specific kits available for trucks which include 2 extra side tubes.

How hard are the underglow kits to install, could I do this myself?

None of the LED or Neon lighting is difficult to install. It is however time consuming if you've never done it before. Each of the lighting kits does include complete installation instructions which are easy to understand and follow. If you take your time during the installation you should have no problems. But if your not comfortable installing the lights, then I do recommend you have it professionally installed.
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