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I ordered an underbody kit and everything works really good. The only complaint I have is when I recieved them origionally, all the tubes were shattered. I then had to call several people to get the broken ones replaced. But other than that, thumbs up.
danny adams

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Door handles are in, all working, looks insane. Im much happier with it.
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Home > Auto Accessories > Street Glow Lights > LED Tire Lights - LED Wheel Lights
LED Tire Lights - LED Wheel Lights
LED Tire Lights - LED Wheel Lights 
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Get Spinning with LED Tire Lights

Add flare to any wheel with battery operated L.E.D. tire lights. To save on battery power, these lights are motion activated, meaning that they stop lighting up when the vehicle is not moving, and light up when the vehicle is moving. When on, the tire lights flash and create a ring of light around your wheel.

They screw onto the valve stem of your car, bicycles or motorcycle in seconds.

Available in 4 different colors, with long life batteries included. Sold in packages of 2 and covered with a Lifetime Warranty.

You'll want to order a quantity of (2) packages for any car/truck/suv, or a quantity of (1) package for any 2 wheel motorcycle or bicycle.

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